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The Housing Alliance and Car Credit Tampa have teamed up to bring you the information you need to make a house buying decision today.

It may not be the right time to buy, but it is the right time to “Get Ready.” The market will eventually improve, and when new programs, lower interest rates, and lower home prices are back, you need to be ready. To avoid being caught in the avalanche of buyers, sign up for HomeTRACK, our award-winning hud certified homebuyer education course. The HomeTRACK course is required in order to access down payment assistance programs which could mean thousands of dollars to help you buy your home. Click on the areas listed below to see how much you may be eligible for:

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Interest rates and home prices are high right now.  So, use this time to get “Mortgage Ready.”  Work on your credit, lower your debt balances, add a side hustle to earn additional income, and save to buy that first home.  Interest rates will eventually come down – they always do. Home prices have already started to come down, too. Get Ready now, so when the time is right, you are too, and you can sail smoothly through the homebuying process.


The first step to becoming a successful homeowner is to enroll in the Housing and Education Alliance’s homebuyer class.  HomeTRACK will teach you all you need to know, not only to buy your first house, but how to keep the home you buy. Some of the topics include: the importance of budgeting, building credit, how to choose a mortgage, a realtor and a house.  Seasonal maintenance is also covered, as well as what to do if you get in trouble and can’t pay your mortgage and so much more.  Here is a link to what students are saying about this course.

HomeTRACK is offered via Zoom so there is no need to travel, take time off from work or arrange childcare.  HUD requires that the homebuyer training take a minimum of 8 hours.  The course is delivered on 3 consecutive nights, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 to 9.  There is additional reading material that will be included to make sure you have all the information you need to become a successful homeowner.  HomeTRACK is different from all other courses because it was developed using EDU-tainment with games, cartoons and very funny videos.  Studies have proven when you pepper technical and complex concepts with humor, retention levels go way up.


Available on Zoom, the class tells you everything you need to know about homeownership and the specific requirements for grant approval. Simply visit and click on the big red button “First Time Homebuyer Class Registration.”  Chose the date and appropriate class for your area and register.  You will receive instructions as to next steps a couple of days prior to class.

HomeTRACK qualifies you for valuable down payment assistance programs like these:

If you live in Hillsborough County, Florida, you may qualify up to $25,000 to help you purchase your first home. 

– To get started, register for the First Time Homebuyer class at

If you live in the City of Tampa, Florida, you may qualify up to $80,000 to help you purchase your first home.  

– Reserve our spot in the First Time Homebuyer class at

If you live in Orange County, Florida you may qualify up to $45,000 to help you purchase your first home.

Visit and click on the red button on the right to get started.


Car Credit is proud to support the work of the Housing and Education Alliance – helping people along the Road to the American Dream.

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