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Outlook of The Market

  • Inventory shortages, price hikes, and overwhelming uncertainty have rocked the US housing market.
  • A new record high in average home prices was set this June at $416,000, and mortgage rates climbed to as high as 5.81%.
  • However, the most devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy are finally starting to fade.
  • The market may be bleak for potential buyers at the moment, but there are some glimmers of hope hiding beneath grim numbers.

What Do We Do Now?

Option 1: Hunker down and keep building credit

 The market is just too hot and too pricey right now for many to financially endure.  For these folks, the best move is to hunker down, and keep building credit while we all wait and hope for better market prospects down the road.


Option 2: Make a plan and seize the day

– If you do have the ability to handle the extra financial woes of being a buyer in today’s market, it may not be the best move for you to hunker down as well.

– Prices and mortgage rates may seem high right now, but if buying is still a viable option for you then it may be worth considering biting that bullet now, rather than risk whatever changes the market brings us later.

– Renters who can manage to buy a home may want to do so despite the harshness of the current housing market, as average rent in the US hit a new high last May.

For The Holdouts

For The Buyers

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